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You can register to volunteer through the link at the top of this webpage. The “volunteer” link will tell you what shifts are available. Please look at the schedule first before you register. Give us a minumum of 4.25 hours (4 hours, 15 minutes) and you gain the opportunity to shop our sale floor before anyone else– including the consignors and the public. Earliest shopping times are based on number of shifts. You will receive confirmation and reminder e-mails before the sale starts.

If you register to volunteer and your plans change, please let us know or use the link to un-register. Please email with questions at littletreasuresandtreads@hotmail.com. You must give Advance Notice before your shift if you need to cancel. Call Sharon immediately at 615-696-9223 or text 615-418-6365.

For liability reasons we ask you not to bring any small children with you when working your volunteer shift. We need volunteers to fulfill a variety as needs such as check-out, organization, assisting shoppers, etc. and it is too difficult to do this effectively while caring for children. Thank you for your cooperation in this.

Please arrive on time and stay your entire shift. Wear tennis shoes or similar. Please no flip flops/sandals for YOUR safety. Please NO children under 13. Children 13 to 18 years of age are encouraged to come, but only if they’re willing and able to help. If you have any health limitations (including pregnancy), contact us prior to your volunteer time so we can accommodate your needs.


Below is a list of the most common jobs you might be asked to do during a shift at our sale. You will receive complete and detailed instructions concerning your job when you arrive at the volunteer check-in area.

• Set-up– setting up racks and tables; organizing items on the floor
• Screen– screening clothing and items for the floor, looking for recall items
• Sort– hanging clothes/placing items out on the floor at drop-off; gathering clothing and items at the end of the sale.
• Secure– monitoring/patrolling the floor, checking receipts at the door
• Straighten– keeping the floor organized and neat, clearing out the discard racks
• Sell—scanning tags in the checkout area, helping shoppers locate items on the floor

Volunteer Shifts:

If you like to organize, hang, sort, and tag items– this shift is perfect for you! This is the shift where we transform the room into a consignment sale heaven in just a few short hours. Racks are assembled, tables are set up, signs are hung, and we organize the sale floor so that we’re prepared for our first consignor drop-offs the next morning. *Please note– this is NOT a shift for those who are pregnant or have other physical limitations.

Our consignors choose one of the drop-off times to bring their items to sale. If you choose to work a one of these drop-off times you will either be a screener or an item placer. Screeners are assigned a station where they assist one consignor at a time, screening each of the items brought. We need good eyes to catch all stains or flaws, and to pull any items that we cannot sell so that the quality of our sale remains high. Item placers hang, sort, and place/distribute all items out on the sale floor in the appropriately marked areas.

Working during the actual sale is quite an adventure! There are many jobs that must be done quickly and done well in order to keep things running smoothly once the sale begins and the public comes to shop. Some of the jobs you might be asked to do during the sale:
• Check-out line worker—scanning tags and counting items
• Floor organizer– straightening and monitoring the sale floor (we pride ourselves on having a highly-organized, neat sale!)
• Door monitor
• Discard rack maintainer- putting back clothes into their proper places
• Lost tag finder– looking through our lost tag board and matching up items with the lost tags
• And many more…. This is a shift for those who aren’t afraid to jump in and get to work.

When the sale is over, we have to “put humpty-dumpty back together again” in a very short amount of time! All the remaining items must be sorted and re-grouped according to consignor identification number and ready for pick up before we leave Saturday night. Although a daunting task, we have developed a sorting system. At the pickup shift on Saturday evening, workers escort the consignors to their remaining items; check the lost and found area.

Volunteer Your Man
What if you want to shop early, but you are physically unable to work a shift for us? Perhaps you are pregnant and you’d be miserable working on your feet, but you really want to get in on the great buys?
Then, our “set up/tear down” shifts that we offer might provide you with the best way to get an early shopping pass!
We need men to help with set up, clean up, floor security and helping shoppers with large items during our sale. 
These shifts are labor-intensive and require heavy-lifting and moving of racks, so come prepared well during these critical set up and tear down times. Volunteer your man by clicking the “volunteer” link at the top of this page.

Why Volunteer:

Volunteers earn special privileges and are essential to the success of our sales. It’s true we have lots of fun, but it’s also a great way to earn extra money and make new friends. Star volunteers earn an additional % on their sold items per shift worked (up to a max of 85%). Registration fee refunded and get the Very First access to our pre-sales on Wednesday and half price on Friday evening! This means you can shop before everyone else and score the best deals without fighting the crowds. We rely heavily on our wonderful volunteers to help our sales run smoothly. We know we could not do this without you! Those who volunteer get the opportunity to shop the pre-sale before the consignors and the public.

You do not have to be a consignor to be a volunteer. There are many types of volunteering opportunities to help both working Moms/Dads and stay at home parents get the chance to help out with the sale. Most volunteer shifts are 4.25 hours and we have everything from passing out flyers to local daycare centers, straightening and organizing items at the sale, running registers, drop off inspectors, sorting clothes for pick up and even taking pictures and posting them online. We have something for everyone. You certainly do not have to sign up for a volunteer shift. It is optional but very beneficial for you! The More you Volunteer the More privileges you get.

Register to Volunteer