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Little Treasures and Threads is a seasonal consignment sale that is held twice a year. You’ll find bargains galore! Our items are either like new or gently used and sell for a fraction of the retail prices you will find elsewhere. Come shop our sale and see why consignment shopping is an ideal way to save money and still find all the things you need. Children are welcome at the public sale however, but please keep them with you at all times. Also, as a courtesy to our consignors, please do not allow children to play with or open the toys. Sorry, all sales are final. Please inspect items before you buy! If an item you purchase is misrepresented, email and please include this info found on the tag: consignor number, item description, price, and item number (at bottom) or any other information you can provide. Consignors that sell items that are defective or misrepresented will be warned then banned if the problem persists.

Please bring laundry baskets, plastic bins or tubs to place your items in as you shop. We will have some reusable shopping bags available for your convenience, but not enough for everyone. You may purchase a bag to take home for $3.00 otherwise the bags need to be returned before exiting the sale.
Reasons to shop our sale

Shopping at Consignment Sales

• At consignment sales, everything is grouped by category, size and gender.
• It’s easy to see if there are any problems with an item or if it will fit or have room to grow. There is no hiding any quality concerns when something is right in front of you. Sale owners put a lot of effort into making sure consignors show up with quality items.
• There is a safety and security factor because you’re in a place with plenty of other people.
• We accept cash, credit or debit for payment.
• Because kids consignment sales offer items for all ages you can shop for all of your kids in one location, and even get some holiday shopping done as well.
• You can shop to your heart’s content with no rushing.
• You have a wide variety of prices and items to shop from and no pressure to buy.


• ONLY Volunteers have privileges to attend the volunteer pre-sale.
• Volunteers may NOT bring a guest.
• Consignors, New & Expecting Parents (Grandparents), Military & First Responders and Educators may bring 1 guest.
• You must have your pass to enter the sale!
• Absolutely NO CHILDREN are allowed at Wednesday’s pre-sales unless under 12 months old and in a sling or in a stroller. This is only to protect the consignor’s items as well as having limited space. Enjoy your solo shopping time and moms night out 🙂

We accept Cash, Credit or Debit. NO CHECKS. 
This is our busiest, most congested time, and it makes things much easier and less chaotic to have this policy in place. We thank you in advance for your cooperation with this policy, and we appreciate the efforts you make to find child care for your children during the early shopping time. 
Our Special Parents Pre-sale is open to * New & Expecting Parents (Grandparents), Military & First Responders(police/firefighter/EMT) and Educators. We Love them but Absolutely NO CHILDREN are allowed at Wednesday’s pre-sales unless under 12 months old and in a sling or stroller at all times. If you have a child that wants to pick out their own clothes during the pre- sale you must email for permission First at You must be registered in order to shop the pre-sale. We will collect your printed passes as you enter. Print confirmation email as pass- good for you AND 1 GUEST! ***to qualify as a “new parent” you must be currently pregnant with your first child, be a first time foster/adoption mom, or your first child must be 0-12 months of age at the time of the sale. 
Strollers welcome, but they must be tagged at the door with a ribbon by a Little Treasures and Threads volunteer upon arrival. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. Children are welcome during public sale days but please remember to keep them with you at all times.

Shopping Tips:

Below are some tips to help you make the most of your shopping experience at Little Treasures and Threads Kids Consignment sale.

• We accept Debit or Credit Cards or cash.

• If you are looking for large items (strollers, car seats, jumpers, exersaucers etc.) come early! These items tend to be the first things that sell.

• Volunteer! The only way to get access to the pre-sale is to volunteer. Volunteers can gain access to the sale a day before it opens to the public. By giving up a few hours of your time, you get to shop a special “pre-sale” and will get first pick of all the choice merchandise and best bargains.

• Bring something to carry your finds – a child’s wagon or a laundry basket (a rope tied to the basket saves your back) we will have some reusable shopping bags available for your convenience, but not enough for everyone. You may purchase a bag to take home for $3.00 otherwise the bags need to be returned before exiting the sale.

• Make lists of the items you are looking for before you come. Take note of your children’s clothing and shoe sizes, as well as any birthdays or holidays coming up that you may be able to find great gifts for at an amazing price! Measurements help tips: (Land’s End has an excellent how-to) and a tape measure. Remember, the actual size isn’t always the one on the tag.

• If possible, do not bring young children with you. You will need both hands free to snatch up these deals quickly! If at all possible Swap out babysitting with another mom. You’ll be doing a lot of browsing, and many times the toys are just too much of a temptation for little people. When space is tight and crowds are thick, a stroller becomes a hindrance.

• Check racks with clothing that is a size smaller as well as larger than your child’s normal size. You might find a treasure that fits in these other sizes.

• To get the best fit on shoes, draw your child’s footprint on a piece of poster board and cut it out. You will then be able to see if the fit is right while looking at shoes.

• The last day of our sale is half off day (only items marked discount yes). For those looking for an extreme bargain, this is the day to shop! You can check our full sale schedule for more information on when this will be held.

• There are no dressing rooms so know your children’s sizes before you come!

• All sales are final!

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New parents, First Responders, Military & Educators Pre-Sale