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Why consign instead of having a garage sale?
It’s a huge time saver! No need to put up signs, post on Craigslist or Facebook, we do all of the advertising for you and bring your target customers right to you! 
No haggling over prices. 
You set the price you want for you item and there is no haggling.
The average consignor earns triple the garage sale price.

Why not just sell my items on Facebook or Craigslist?
If you have tried this before, you know you can spend hours waiting for people to respond to your posts. If they do respond, you still have no guarantee they will show up. I have spent countless hours waiting for people to pick up items they say they want and never show. In the meantime, other people who may have been interested in my items have moved on, and after the time spent posting, taking pics, haggling, arranging pickup times and waiting for no shows, I’m still stuck with an unsold item.

Why not take my stuff to a children’s resale store, can’t I earn money that way?
If they accept your items (and that is a big IF!) they only pay pennies on the dollar for what the items are worth. Whatever they do not accept you are still responsible for, so if you have items you know are great and still usable you are still stuck with the task of dragging it all back to your car with the items and locating a place to donate them or trying to sell by other means. (See above!)

Why is this good for our community?
We believe in families helping families. Our consignors are your neighbors, teachers, and fellow parents who are trying to make a few extra dollars by selling some of their kid’s outgrown items. We all spend so much money on items that your child outgrows so fast you barely have time to take the price tag off! This way you can recoup some of the cost of those items and reinvest them in “new” items for your kids.
At Little Treasures and Threads Consignment sale we work hard to partner with schools and local charities within our community to fundraiser and donate unsold items to those in need. 
Support small business! I am not a franchise; I am just a mother of 5 with a dream.

How do I know what to price my items at?
Ask yourself, what would I pay for this item? Always price it at the lowest price you would accept for that item. Remember, some money is better than no money! Generally, the rule of thumb for clothing is 1/3 the original retail price. For larger items like strollers, pack-n-plays, and exercausers it’s about ½ the retail price. Keep in mind the better the condition and the higher the demand, the more you can ask. Also, check out the suggested pricing sheet.

What is the registration fee for?
A $7 registration fee is required and it will automatically be paid upfront through PayPal. This is a general fee that helps us cover our supply and advertising costs. Volunteers can get this fee refunded by working a certain amount of shifts at the sale.

How much money can I make as a consignor?
That is up to you! I will say on average consignors make triple what they would selling at a garage sale. There are also multiple ways you can increase your profits.

• Volunteer! Not only do you get an additional increase for each 4.25 hour shift you work (Up to 80%) you get first-hand knowledge of how consignment works. What sells best, what people are looking for, what brands do people like, creative merchandising ideas, what to price your items at to sell the most, etc. Volunteering is the #1 trick to making money at consigning. I guarantee you will learn so many tips and tricks when you work at the sale. That experience is invaluable!

• Do not price things too high. Yes, you may have spent $200 on that stroller, but it doesn’t mean that our bargain hunting shoppers will! Keep in mind that although you may let it go for a bargain, that is money in your pocket. It makes no money sitting in your garage collecting dust.

• When selling clothing, try bunching “like” items together or making outfits. Be sure to include any matching accessories. No one (meaning me) can resist a little boy’s outfit with matching hat or a girl’s pretty Easter dress with matching purse and headband ! These items usually sell for a premium.

• Clean your items make sure toys work and have all pieces. Clothing must not be stained, torn, or missing buttons!! If they are wrinkled, give them a quick run through the dryer, or iron them. Presentation is key! If items do not pass our inspection, they will not be allowed on the sales floor, which means no money for you!

• Mark your items for 50% off on our last day. We have many shoppers who buy in bulk on the last day to get the best deals. It is not unusual for 50% off day to be your biggest sale day. If you decide you do not want to mark items for 50% they will still be available for purchase on Saturday at the full price.

• Tell EVERYONE!!! A big part of these sales succeeding is word of mouth! If we don’t have shoppers, it doesn’t matter what you bring! Tell your neighbors, friends, teachers, daycare providers, grandparents, and moms at the playground…the more people shop, the more money you make!

Do I get my hangers back?
No, you will not get your hangers back. The least expensive place to buy them is Walmart or Dollar General. You can also check garage sales, Goodwill, or ask your friends for any extra they may have. I have heard some dry Cleaners may give you wire hangers for free, but I have never tested that theory.

How long will it take to get my check?
You should receive your check in the mail approximately 7-10 business days after the close of the sale.

Do I need to re-tag my items for every sale?
Absolutely not. Once your items are tagged, you do not need to re-tag them for each sale.
What if I want to consign my items but I just don’t think I have time to tag them?

Try our VIP tagging service- Missy King is excellent and will get you the most money for your stuff

• Tagging is not as time consuming as it seems. In fact, I do most of my tagging after the kids go to bed while I’m catching up on my TV shows.

• Get the kids involved! Have a teen that can help hang, pin or tag items for you.

• Get your husbands involved with volunteering so you can make more money. We have many different types of jobs for volunteers including many that require some muscle. Feel free to sign up your husband or teens to help with set up or take down. You will earn extra money in your check and many teens can use these as required service hours for school or church.

What type of supplies do I need?
You may not need all of these if you are only selling clothes, or only selling toys but these are the basics.

• Hangers (wire only please, plastic is for infant to 2 yrs. only!)

• Safety Pins (I find #2 size are best) 
• White Card stock for printing tags

• Clear Packing tape (to affix tags to toys) 
• Ziploc baggies for small toy parts (both sandwich size and gallon size) 
• Zip ties (helps keep shoes together)

Can I sell car seats?
Only if they are less than 5 years old and have never been in an accident. You will be required to sign a waiver stating that the car seat has never been in an accident. To find the age of a car seat check the back or bottom of the seat or base for the Manufacturer tag, it will tell you either the expiration date of the car seat or the manufactured date. Please check the CPSC site to ensure your car seat has not been recalled. We also ask that you print, fill out, and bring the following form with you when you drop off your items before the sale. Car Seat Waiver

Can I sell a crib?
Due to the crib recall, we only accept cribs manufactured after June 28, 2011. You can check the CPSC site to see if any of your items are on the recall list. Drop-side cribs are NOT allowed to be sold new or resale. Also, we ask that you please print off this crib checklist and bring with you when you drop off your items before the sale. Crib Checklist

Now that I have entered my items into the system, how can I see my inventory and how much money it’s all worth?
1. From the consignor Home page, click on “Manage Inventory.”

2. Click the “Reports” option in the lower tool bar.

3. Click the option for “Projected Settlement Report”

4. This takes you to a page where it will ask you for your percentage. If you want to see the dollar amount of your entire inventory, enter 100% and hit enter. 
If you want to see how much you’re projected earnings would be if you sold your entire inventory minus the consignor percentage fee, enter your projected percentage. (The default is 70%, but remember, if you volunteer this can increase.) Hit enter. You can now see your full list of inventory, how many items you have entered, and the value of your inventory when sold (minus the sale owner’s percentage).

Can I check my total sales during the sale?
Yes, each night after the close of the sale that information will be available for you to review.

1. Log into your consignor account through the site

2. Click on “View Settlement Report.” The settlement report will allow you to view your items and dollar amounts sold for that day.

What happens if I don’t pick up my items after the sale?
Any items not picked up by the end of the designated pick up time will be donated to a charity of our choosing.

When will you have your next sale?
We intend on having at least 2 sales a year. One in the spring and one in the fall. Dates are subject to location availability.