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Consignor Resources:

You can use Meet-up groups or yard sales to your advantage as a consignment sale seller. Watch for items that can boost your own consignment sale profits, like good quality, name brand boys’ or girls’ clothing, baby gear, toys, and children’s electronics. If someone is selling nursery items, ask if they have other things you could purchase. You might even be able to negotiate some great deals. Always keep your own safety at the forefront when meeting anyone you don’t know.
Pricing Guidelines
Check out our suggested pricing sheet for help with deciding the best prices to sell your items and make a profit.
If you are planning to sell a car seat we ask that you please print, fill out, and bring the following form with you when you drop off your items before the sale. Car Seat Waiver
Please print this crib checklist and bring with you when you drop off your items before the sale. Crib Checklist
Tagging Help:
Not sure what size those shoes are? Here’s a chart that can help: Children’s Shoe Sizing
Need to translate an S-M-L size to a number size? Here’s a list of common brands like Gap, Gymboree, Hanna and Old Navy: Clothing Size Conversion

Product Recalls:
Before you consign that car seat, pack-n-play, or stroller – check the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s Recalls Database. Please check www.nhtsa.go,, and for recalls and unacceptable items.


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