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Welcome to Little Treasures and Threads Kids Consignment Sale Events

Sunday 9/9 Set-Up 2 PM – 7 PM
Monday 9/10 Consignor Drop-Off 9 AM – 8 PM
Tuesday 9/11 Consignor Drop-Off 9 AM – 5 PM
Wednesday 9/12 Volunteer/Consignor Presale 9 AM – 12 PM
Wednesday 9/12
Presale with food donations
 2 PM – 8 PM
Thursday 9/13 Public Sale 9 AM – 8 PM
Friday 9/14 Public Sale 9 AM – 6 PM
Friday 9/14 Ticketed 1/2 Price Presale 7 PM -8 PM
Saturday 9/15 1/2 Price Public Sale 8 AM – 2 PM
Saturday 9/15 Consignor Pick-Up 7 PM-8 PM

Located at: Harris Rackler Memorial FOP Lodge #48 5583 Old Manchester Hwy in Tullahoma,Tennessee. The Lodge is located on the Old Tullahoma/Manchester Hwy just past Hickerson Elementary School. (In the big blue building)

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We are proud to bring you a fantastic way to buy and sell high quality, new and gently-used children’s items – anything kid related from infancy through teens and maternity! When shopping at our sales you’ll find only the best kids items – we only accept items in good, working condition that are CLEAN!!! Everything is highly-organized and easy to find!!!

We welcome you to our events for the opportunity to clean out your closets, cash in on those things your kids have outgrown, restock your closets with “new to you” items and save a bundle of money! 
Come join us to shop the best in boutique and name brand items at bargain prices! Admission is free and we accept cash or cards.

What is a Consignment Sale? 
Once in the Spring and once in the Fall, we hold a consignment sale where you can find hundreds of new and gently-used kids items at a fraction of retail. The products at the sale come from hundreds of families who sign up to consign and actually earn money for the products that sell. Anyone is welcome to become a consignor and anyone is welcome to shop at the sale.
This sale is NOT a garage sale. All items are inspected upon check in to be sure that they are clean, without stains and in working order. All items are organized into a store-format so that it is easy to shop and find the sizes and types of products you are looking for. We are 100% committed to selling safe and reliable products at our event. This is a shopping experience that you definitely don’t want to miss!!! 

Donations from the Little Treasures and Threads Kids Consignment sale go directly to charities to benefit families in need. 
SELL, SHOP and SAVE on gently used and in excellent condition baby, kids and maternity items. 

Shopping a consignment event is a great way to SHOP high quality name brand items at 40-90% off retail! SELLING your items at the event is amazingly easy. As a consignor you determine the price of your items. You then receive 70% of the proceeds from the sale. Find out how you can sell your items on our Consignor page. Prior to the sale you, the consignor, simply register, enter and tag your items online, and bring your items to the event site. We advertise, set up the location for the sale, set up all consigned items at the sale site, and sell your items! 

How much of the selling price you retain depends on your involvement in the event. Want a higher split and early shopping privileges while having fun with others in your community? Find out more on our volunteer page. 

Want to just shop our sale? Find out more on our Shopping page and don’t forget to sign up for our email list so you get reminders about the events!

Register For New Parents, First Responders, Military & Educators Pre-Sale

Volunteer Your Man

Put your man to work for a good cause and get in early to shop during the presale, could there be anything better? We didn’t think so! Head on over to the volunteer page to sign your significant other up today

Learn More – Volunteer


Have questions about the benefits of selling your items at a consignment sale? Wondering how much money you could make by consigning? Check out the FAQ page for answers to these questions and many more.

View Our FAQ’s


Download an electronic version of our flyer to email or to print and hand out to friends. Helping us spread the word means more shoppers which means more sales and more money for you!

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Summary of Instructions:
• To register as a new consignor at Little Treasures and Threads click on the Registration link in the top hand corner of this site. You will automatically be redirected to our online tagging and registration system.
• Click on Create an Account and follow the prompts.
• Now that your account has been created, and you are ready to begin entering information. Go to the tab “Enter Items.”
When you register as a consignor you will be assigned a consignor number. This is a number that is specific to you and is on all of your tags. This number ensures that when an item is sold the correct consignor account is credited. This number is displayed on all tags, which helps to locate each consignor’s inventory when picking items up. Consignors are asked at the beginning of each sale to pay a $7.00 registration fee. This fee holds your spot as a consignor in the upcoming sale and ensures we get an accurate count of how many consignors will be bringing inventory. You will automatically be prompted to pay this fee via PayPal before you can add any inventory for the upcoming sale.
When registering you must select a drop off appointment. This allows us to have plenty of volunteers on hand to assist in inspecting and unloading/loading your items. Each evening after the close of the sale, you will be able to log into our tagging system and see which items have been sold and what your running total is for that day. (As a side note, this is one of my favorite parts about consigning. It’s so fun to check your totals each day at the end of the sale and see what’s selling and to see how much money you have made. It can be quite addicting!)
Consignor Split Consignors will maintain 70% of the selling price of their items—Little Treasure and Threads Sale will retain 30%.

Here are some great reasons to consign with us:
We have highlighted some of the reasons why Consigning is the obvious choice vs. Yard Sales or online marketplaces (Meet up or Online Groups, Craigslist).
• Exposure of your items to a larger pool of potential customers. Most Consignment events can pull in many more people and potential customers than the average yard sale.

• Specific shoppers for your items. People that attend yard sales could be looking for anything, at consignment events for children they are very specific buyers. They are coming to purchase merchandise for their kids/families.

• Organization of the sale. A Consignment sale is normally much more organized than having a table of clothing or having a box full of onesies. Everything is organized for people to see properly, which means an easier sale.

• Your pricing at a Consignment Event is much higher than at a yard sale. People at Yard Sales are looking for those $1 items, even when an item is new. Consignment events allow you to set the price of your items and decide if you would like the opportunity to offer them at 1/2 price on the last day of the sale.

• Money, Earn some extra cash for that spa day you’ve been wanting, or that family vacation, or even to buy your back to school supplies! On average you will make more profit selling on consignment, than you would by having a garage sale. There is no haggling over price.

• Many days, vs. 1 or 2 days. A Consignment Sale Event is over many days and is strategically located in an area that is accessible to many. Your home could be off the beaten path for people to get to.

• Marketing. Consignment Sale Events takes marketing very seriously and is dedicated to marketing their sale to their customer base. Find a sale that’s been around for a season or two as well, they already have a following.

• Safety. Yes, Safety. Safety at a Consignment Sale Event is priority. Meeting someone that you found an item on Craigslist is not very safe. You’re coming to a safe environment at our Consignment Sale Event. For more on this specifically, check out this blog, it breaks it down.

• Quality of Merchandise. Most Consignment Sale Events take pride in the quality of goods they allow in their Sale. Little Treasures and Threads take every piece of merchandise and inspect all items for damage, stains etc.

• Safety of products. Another Safety issue is RECALLS. We also check our merchandise against the Recall List.

• Variety. (Example) At a yard sale the Smith family has two twin boys, so your options are going to be boy items and that were specific to the Smith family’s tastes. At a Consignment Sale Event you will have many options and variety of goods. From clothing to outdoor toys and larger toy/accessory items.

• Cost. Especially for those new moms, a one stop shop for you to get what you need at reasonable prices. You are helping other families within your own community to afford items they may not be able to purchase new.

• You don’t have to take photos, worrying about what’s in the background or if the picture will do your item justice.

• You can sell in a higher volume without keeping track of anything beyond the time you need to pick up on Saturday. Everything is anonymous and safe.

• It’s easy! Trust me, you will spend a lot more time preparing for a garage sale or trying to sell on social media than it will take to price your own items and drop them at the sale.

• Meet some fun new people when you sell and volunteer at our sales. Most of us are parents or grandparents who live and work in this community and it’s fun to get out and meet new people we can relate too.

• Access to our Pre-sale. Consignors shop before the public, find the best deals, and avoid the crowds. Consignor passes are valid for one adult to enter the Pre-sale and one guest.

• You decide whether or not to donate your items to our local charities at the end of the sale or if you want to pick them up. If you mark your items as donate you will be able to print a donation report for tax purposes.

• Because of our awesome bar-coding system, you will be able to track what you have sold! Please note that your Sold Items report is updated by the morning following each sale day, it is not a “real time” report. (For example, Friday’s sales are updated by Saturday morning.) Online you will see “Estimated” Earnings; this is NOT the precise amount of your check. Your check will likely be higher if you are a Lead Volunteer (helping during the sale).

• In the end, there is something really fun about the consignment sale experience that’s like nothing else, from the treasure hunt of searching for items on your list to taking a photo of everything you purchased for your family while staying under budget. Facebook groups may come and go, but I think consignment sales are here to stay!

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